Purrfect Cool Auto Air

Werribee’s most trusted air conditioning specialist

Is your air conditioning leaking?
Do you need a new radiator?
Is your a/c blowing out warm air?

These are the common air conditioning problems we fix for customers every day. If you have an air-conditioning problem, we’ll have our on-site van over to you - often within the day to get it sorted.

After 30 years working with air conditioners, we’ve seen it and done it all. This means we can quickly check and diagnose any issues with your air conditioner, degas, repair, or replace any parts. All done with specialised equipment and ozone safe gas R134A. And at incredibly competitive prices.

Air conditioners are our passion - and our core business.
It’s why we’re known as Werribee’s most trusted air conditioning specialists.

Service & repair

We service and repair all domestic vehicles including trucks, cars, tractors, and light commercial vehicles. Here’s what we’ll do:

  • Check the operation of your air conditioner
  • Temperature test inside the cabin
  • Check control switches, fan speeds, vent controls, heater control
  • Outside: check condensor, hoses & pipes, compressor
  • Receiver dryer: Check all parts for oil stains and condition
  • Pressure test unit for gas - repair if needed.

Ozone safe gas

Purrfect Auto Cool takes the environment very seriously - and we know you, our customers like to do your part to keep our world intact.

So every time we regas, you can be sure we only use the ozone safe gas R134A. It meets the highest safety classification for refrigerants, A1/A1 as it’s non-toxic and non-flammable.

It’s our way of keeping our precious ozone layer safe - for our future and the next generations to come...

We’ll go to you

Life gets busy. You work, pick up kids, do the shopping, get meals ready - where can you possibly find the time to drop off your car - and waste precious time waiting or being without a car - while you get your air conditioning fixed?

We’re in the business of convenience. So we’re pleased to offer you an air conditioning service that goes out to you: at home, work, or anywhere you happen to be!


We accept: Cash, Eftpos, VISA, and Mastercard

We look forward to helping you.

Make a booking to get a Purrfect Cool from your air conditioning again.

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